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When you give us a call, we will discuss any of the educational needs you require. We are experienced in preparing clients in a wide range of subjects, for either entry into very top school or university.

Meeting the tutor

The best tutor will be matched with your child. The tutor will call you at the time suitable for you to introduce themselves and inform you about their background, experience and style of teaching. A visit is arranged for when the tutor can come and give the first lesson; feedback is given afterwards.

High level of quality education and personalised learning is our belief.

First lesson:

  • The tutor will assess the client’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferred learning styles. 
  • The clients’ ideal goals are determined and measures are taken to help them achieve that by:
    • Either providing additional practice with particular skills, or with exam techniques,
    • Filling in gaps from class room lessons, or helping the client grasp new concepts introduced at school, college or university.
    • From our past experience, this has proven to result in progress and improved grades. All GoEE Private tutors are passionate about their subjects, and they love to share this enthusiasm with their clients.

Client’s progression

The tutor assigned to you will use a variety of teaching techniques to work through difficult and challenging areas of a subject. This is achieved but not limited to regular home work and tests, mock exams.

Techniques used will help the client:

  • recall useful facts easily,
  • Solve problems faster and
  • Use their initiative more.

This helps them build on study skills, life skills, and self confidence and prepared for the future.  

There will be personal feedback from your tutors and support from GoEE Private Tutors. We will be on hand to provide advice and guidance, as we work together to prepare the client for every future success.

Our Tutors

We make sure that our tutors are:

  • aged 21 or over;
  • have at least an A’ level or its equivalent qualification in the subjects they wish to teach of which they must scored a minimum of B grade or 65%
  • a graduate with at least a 2:1 (second class upper);
  • be fully qualified to teach in the United Kingdom holding a recognised degree in the subjects taught or a PGCE or QTS; (teachers, lecturers)
  • they are CRB checked We obtain two References and contact them (as to character, suitability and academic achievement) we also request to see evidence of qualifications (including degree certificates). The tutors are also interviewed.

We make sure our tutors have:

  • good communication and listening skills;
  • can motivate and develop the client’s confidence.
  • know the demands of studying today for SAT’s, school and university courses.
  • act in a professional manner that clients can relate comfortably with them.
  • must be able to assist the client to learn, and grow academically stronger.
  • are able to quickly recognise a client’s weakness; it may be in understanding the subject or structuring an essay or in problem solving questions.
  • are all excellent in achieving results.

Invoices and Payment:

There are two options opened to clients using GoEE Private Tutors:

Pay each session (PES) option:

  • Pay an hour in advance each time you have a session with the tutor.
  • A minimum of 5 hours (should be used within a month purchase)

Pay In Bulk sessions (PIBS) option:

  • This is when you pay GoEE Private Tutors on monthly bases in advance and get a significant savings in tutoring rate.
  • A minimum of 10 hours (all sessions should be used within a month of purchase)


Teachers salary guidelines

We base our price after meeting with the client and discussing their needs. This is based mainly on what we know we need to offer excellent tutors to attract to the position. These figures are open to negotiation within reason; however, we do not believe in under-pricing the services of very-qualified professional teachers.

According to the Dept of Education website the guidelines recommend a salary in the range of £44,500 to £64,000 for advanced skills teachers in London, with 5+ year’s experience. The salary range for a senior teacher with leadership experience is around 105,000 to £112,000 pa.

We assess what we need to pay to attract the right quality of tutor to an exact post, and we then calculate the fee the client will pay. As a guide we pay around 75% to the tutor; the rest as commission. 

Unlike most recruiters we have two payment options available.

We don’t take payment and then leave everything to the client and tutor we remain available to help both the client and tutor throughout the full period.




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